This database is of major importance, because it serves as one of the most crucial layers of information that is required and available in the NGD. The importance of drilling lies in the real worth of the data from the mineral exploration sites, drill core samples, and assays.

The database includes data on the locations of the drill holes and trenches, the types of drilling used, the purpose/s of drilling, the total depths of the holes, the names of the drilling companies, the inclination of the drill holes, and the diameters of the holes.

The information on the drill holes also contains the following geological and technical data that were collected during the different stages of drilling.

  1. stratigraphy of the drilling area
  2. lithology
  3. local geologic structures
  4. mineralization types and processes
  5. mineral ores
  6. degrees of weathering
  7. weathering products
  8. sampling and the data on the chemical analyses of the samples
  9. data of the drilling stages
  10. deviations and dips associated with the drilling activities
  11. equipment used for deep drilling works