The database of geochemical surveys includes information on surface and sub-surface samples collected for mineral exploration purposes. The NGD contains more than three million digital data inputs from the chemical analyses of samples collected from the surface and sub-surface areas of the recent mineral exploration projects of the SGS and from the historical exploration activities of the US and French geological missions.

The data on surface sediment samples that were collected for geochemical studies and were plotted in quadrangle maps with a scale of 1:250.000 include those of the following quadrangles:

  1. Makkah
  2. Madinah
  3. Rabigh
  4. Al-Ais
  5. Al Hamraa
  6. Al Laith
  7. Al Qunfudhah
  8. Turubah
  9. Um Al Bark
  10. Yanbu
  11. Jabal Ibrahim
  12. Jabal Al Hasir

The data on the chemical analyses of surface samples collected from the metallic and non-metallic mineralization sites by the SGS involve more than 9,000 surface samples of rocks, sediments, and other types of samples.