The Mineral Occurrence Documentation System (MODS) Database in Saudi Arabia constitutes the main mineral information base of the Kingdom. It shall provide detailed data on mineral resources and prospecting projects, including geochemical and geophysical surveys, geologic mapping, and drilling. The database of the mineralization sites of the NGD includes data on:

  1. the geographical locations of the mineralization sites,
  2. the geologic quadrangles, where mineralization occur,
  3. the types of mineralization,
  4. the status of exploration activities in the mineralization sites, and
  5. the importance of the mineralization sites.

The MODS database also contains detailed geological data on the following mineralization aspects:

  1. regional geologic structures and their associations to mineral deposits.
  2. local geological structures in the mineralized areas.
  3. stratigraphy of the sites.
  4. lithology of the sites.
  5. mineral deposits in the mineralization sites.
  6. mineralization processes and deposits.
  7. weathering and its mineralized products.
  8. economic data on metallic ores in mineralization sites.
  9. quality levels of the geological surveys and prospecting processes used in the mineralization sites.
  10. historical mining works in the mineralization sites.
  11. list of the published technical reports about the mineralization sites.
  12. list of geologists involved in the exploration and data collection works in the mineralization sites.